How to treat your own Foot Pain


Discover how surprisingly simple it can be to reduce pain with this self-help guide. You do not need any prior knowledge about pain therapy, as the book is written in an easy-to-understand and very practical manner.

With the help of numerous illustrations, you will easily learn how to massage and stretch your feet and lower legs to get rid of pain.

The pain often improves surprisingly quickly.



With this guide to self-help, you will learn how to help yourself with pain of your feet. Many people are surprised when they find out how simple effective pain treatment can be. You just have to follow the many pictures in the book to find the cause of the pain and apply the appropriate massage or stretch.


Typical pain patterns throughout the foot and lower leg are explained along with their treatment.

The book offers self-help guidance for pain from polyneuropathy, after ankle injuries, and many other problems. Pain in the toes, heel, Achilles tendon, calf and the entire lower leg can be treated with this method.


Few people know that pain is very often caused by problems in the muscles. Especially if there is already another problem like polyneuropathy, malpositions or overloads the muscles tend to cramp. The cramps in the muscles can cause tremendous pain. Therefore, pain often improves significantly with simple treatment of the muscles.


Many people are surprised at how quickly improvement can occur with this method and how easy it is to learn.


56 pages with 39 illustrations.


Just follow the pictures


Once you understand the simple working principle of pain treatment, all you have to do is follow the pictures and choose the right place for massage and stretching. Therefore, instead of reading a lot, it is enough to follow the illustrations.


For typical pain patterns, the places that should be massaged are illustrated.

Relevant stretching exercises are illustrated for each area of pain.

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