About me

Fit for life!

Exercise and training make life more pleasant, easier and more worthwhile. They are fun and bring huge benefits to your health - if you do them right.

If you are physically fitter, everything is easier for you, illnesses are cured or become more bearable and life simply gets better.

This can usually be done without technical devices or a large investment of time; in most cases, you don't even have to leave the house.

You just have to know how!

Christian Bitzer Profil

Christian M. Bitzer (M.A. Sports Science)

My knowledge for your health and fitness

As your coach and therapist, I am here to show you how to help yourself. I want to show you how to improve your health in a way that is suitable for you, your personal situation, your possibilities, wishes and goals. I am your personal trainer for health. Together we make you fit. For more energy and performance in everyday life.

To do this, we use my experience as a researcher at the University Hospital Freiburg, head of physiotherapy at the Kurpark-Klinik Überlingen and since 2014 with my own practice and combine them with the knowledge from my training:

M.A. Sports Science
(Universities of Freiburg, Stuttgart and Granada)

B.A. Sports Therapy (University of Freiburg)

Sports therapist for internal medicine and orthopedics (German Association for Health Sports and Sports Therapy)

Licenses of the German Association for Health Sports and Sports Therapy:

Diabetes, oncology, back training, osteoporosis, cardiology, vascular diseases, respiratory diseases, brain training through exercise, Medical Nordic Walking

Manual pain therapy according to Typaldos (International Fascial Distortion Model Organization)

Science instead of guess work

According to my scientific training, I always try to make recommendations based on facts from current research. So I try to recommend training to my patients that has been proven to be effective and gives them the best chance of success. Of course, however, this must fit you individually and be tailored exactly to you. Because the individual situation is at least as important as the science.

Talk to me!

If you are interested in training or finding out how exercise can help you, write or call me!

Phone: +49 176 66 86 91 51

Email: Bitzer.Sporttherapie@gmail.com