Pain Relief Set


The Pain Relief Set provides everything you need for self-help against pain in polyneuropathy.

You will learn a simple method of massage against the pain and corresponding stretching exercises. Everything is described in an easy-to-understand manner with numerous illustrations, so you can put it into practice right away.

Also, you will get detailed instructions on how to train the nervous system and balance.

This improves pain in many patients. It also improves balance and reduces the risk of falls.


“With these products, I am almost pain-free!”

Dr. Christine E. (medical doctor and polyneuropathy patient)


A set with all the information you need for self-help against pain in polyneuropathy

With this set of two books you will learn everything you need to help yourself against pain in your feet due to polyneuropathy.

It will also help you improve your balance and your ability to walk safely, and to improve the flexibility of your feet.


Two books that will help you reduce your pain

1. “How to treat your own foot pain” to immediately improve pain.

With the simple but effective treatment method that you learn in this book, pain is often reduced in a very short time.

Since tiny spasms in the muscles often cause intense pain, treating the muslces can help tremendously. This is not only very effective in a short amount of time, but also surprisingly simple to learn.

2. “Exercise for polyneuropathy”

The exercises shown in this book will help you improve the way your nervous system processes signals. This will give you better body awareness and reduce the pain for a lot of patients. It also helps you control your movements better and walk more safely with lower risk of falling.



Treat your foot pain yourself – with immediate effect

In the book “How to treat your own foot pain” you will learn how to massage and stretch your muscles in order to reduce pain. Since the muscles of many patients with polyneuropathy have a tendency to cramp up, this can often improve the pain immediately.

If you massage the right spots, the pain often improves immediately – you just have to follow the pictures in the book!

For all different painful areas of the feet you will find the corresponding spots to massage. In addition, the appropriate stretching exercises are also explained and illustrated.

In the book you will find numerous illustrations so that everything is easy to understand. The book is purposely kept easy to understand and applicable. No previous knowledge is required for the treatment.


Training the nervous system for long-term effects – Exercise for polyneuropathy

In addition, the set contains the exercise guide “Exercise for polyneuropathy”. This contains 24 exercises for training the nervous system. With them you will improve your body awareness and learn to walk and stand more stably and with less effort.


“Without these exercises I would not be able to walk anymore!”

Katharina K. (polyneuropathy patient)

The exercises are explained with numerous illustrations.

No matter if you are very weak or very fit – there are suitable exercises for everyone. The exercises are graded from very easy to very difficult and everyone will find the right exercises for him or her.